Through Cam's Lens: Love by Musiq Soulchild

Through Cam's Lens: Love by Musiq Soulchild


Ever since the first moment I spoke your name

From then on, I knew that by you being in my life

Things were destined to change ‘cause.."

It’s Valentine Day tomorrow, so I guess I should talk to you guys about a little love and a little romance. A little bow chicka wow wow!!

Also, Ashlee wants to read more of what is happening in the novella I’m writing and that would technically suffice as romance. Here we go:

Act 2. Scene 1 (I’ll resume Act 1 eventually.)

Over the Atlantic again and they’d made time to spend time together. He was still stupid about and captivated by her beauty. Mighty are the hands of a great God that carved out such intricate features. Eyes to get lost in. A smile that melted hearts. And again, that hair. Silly rabbit.

Church. Grandmother. Yup, that happened.

This brother was up when dawn cracked, because he’d made time for her. He decided to join her for an early morning church service with her grandmother. Man, was he nervous! If grandma don’t like you, then you’re on the next plane out! So, he knew how important this was. He got all dressed up. Oh, that infamous first impression.

 They were already there when he arrived. She had saved him a seat and as he made his way to it, Grandma greeted him so pleasantly. WHEW! That felt like approval. I mean, who else was up this early and all dressed up to praise The Carver of Intricacies with her granddaughter anyway?

 Okay, back to talking about Her.

That dress she wore complimented her skin tone so well. Those earth tones against we caramel complexion was all he needed in this life of sin. (That was a joke. I mean church, sin… You get it, right? No?) And not forgetting to mention those heels! (Inserts drooling emoji) He’d sit next to her for the remainder of the service and couldn’t get over how amazing it felt to be there with her. How natural it felt to be there with her. Whenever they had to stand during the service, they would lean over to get really close to one another. One might say that they needed to leave some room for Jesus. LOL.

(I’m killing y’all! Get fire on these b…)

“Stay with me.”

 “Let me take you to have lunch, please.”

 See, she’d usually go with her grandmother for lunch, but he wasn’t ready to have her leave his side just yet. He put in his request and…

 She agreed. She made time for him.

They needed to change out of their church clothes, so they drove over to his place for him to change first. When they got there, they got a stranger to take some pictures of them. Moments to be cherished forever. She waited in the car while he ran upstairs to get changed. When he got back down to the car, she was sitting so comfortably. Imagine being out in the blazing sun and then stepping into a cold car with a goddess staring over at you. It was as if he’d step into a different realm.

 <Couldn’t we just stay in this moment forever?>

 However, there was a look of mischief on her face that was both intriguing and sexy. What was she up to?

 *Yo, Siri, play Love by Musiq Soulchild*