More Fun at Pineapple Pete!

More Fun at Pineapple Pete!

What’s better than a delicious family dinner at Pineapple Pete? The fun you can have right afterward (or while you wait) if mom allows, with the brand-new arcade games! There is a lot you can choose from, for tiny tots and older kids alike.

Kill monster aliens, shoot some hoops, speed down the tracks in race cars, or catch some thrills on a motorbike! You’ll use your skills in real life, controlling the racing games with the steering wheel and manoeuvring the bikes.

The graphics make it feel like real life, and you can choose from lots of different settings – pick an expert racing track, or explore ancient ruins or big city streets.

Best of all, each game allows you to compete against your friends (or make some new ones)!

The unique 9D Virtual Simulator is a whole new experience. With your virtual reality goggles on and the machine taking you through ALL the motions, you’ll be totally immersed in any of up to 60 experiences – from wild roller coaster rides, to being on the Titanic, to a heart-pounding Slingshot.

Little kids have a fun room all to themselves where they can play video games, ride a car or try a hand at Whac-A-Mole!

Feeling lucky? See if you can score some prizes like cute plush toys or tech accessories and gadgets in the claw cranes! Pineapple Pete even created its own cool plush toy!

Make sure to listen to Mr. Clevance Badal – he’s the supervisor and game room operator. He’ll show you how everything works and set you up for a fun experience.

Check out the arcade at Pineapple Pete Restaurant & Bar on Welfare Road in Cole Bay. The fun starts at 5:00pm on weekdays and 12:00 noon on weekends, until the restaurant closes. Have an adult call +1(721) 544-6030 for more info, or check out their Instagram @pineapplepetesxm.