A simpler explanation for social distancing

Now that we have to social distance I understand better the need to do so. And I dare say it was not explained very well for the simple man. Having studied statistics, the graph was all I needed to see. Social distancing meant the flattening out of the curve so it would approximate a normal distribution as opposed to a spike. A spike being an instantaneous onslaught on the medical system. I have found that for many this was as clear as mud, so here is a better explanation.

  Look at social distancing as a “filter” that separates the sick from the well. If everyone is separated for 14 days it is likely during that time those with the disease will start to manifest symptoms. They are then caught in the filter, and now government can assess the extent of the problem and address it. In places like St. Maarten where testing is an issue or like the US where there is a shortage of kits relative to a vast population we get an immediate rule of thumb. The better the social distancing the more effective the filter.

  Here is an even simpler definition: “Protect Yourself”


Michael Vieira