Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus everywhere, affecting lives across the globe,

Making social interaction awkward, even with people you know.

To see the way you made your entrance in silence,

No way of knowing who will be the next victim

Of this worldly spread disease (COVID-19).


With its fast level in which it spreads all around the world,

Attacking our respiratory system,

We need wisdom to overcome this phantom,

Please allow us to regain our freedom.


Let’s get our priorities right, and stick together

To combat this pandemic from further spreading.

Let us contribute to protect our community

And open up our eyes to see that we are not each other’s enemy

But are called to unite and not to fight.


I was not delighted to make your acquaintance, Mr. Corona,

You are like a global earthquake that came to

Destroy the entire human race

And carry us to an early grave.


So, don’t touch your eyes! Please scrub your hands!

Obey the rules! And that will minimize the spread

Instead of causing many to drop dead.


Funny how the fear is drawing near

Sitting at home on lockdown,

My city is now a ghost town.

Please follow the rules! Stay at home!

Embrace and appreciate each other’s presence.


I now enjoy a simple game of Tic-tac-toe

With the kids on the living room floor

Creating family time my child has always longed for.

It is such a joy to see on social media film fragments

With fathers kicking ball with their boys,

And mothers crafting with their girls,

Placing family first the world is in reverse.


Mr. Corona you need to disappear

And don’t reappear! we don’t want you here.


PS. To all the families all over the globe, who lost a loved one or even more and to those working around the clock, to secure lives, while their own is at risk, we salute you.


Ginette Samson