Safety and economics is the solution

Dear Editor,

  We are living in some challenging times. And critical decisions have to be made that will determine our future on this island.

  Let me say now we do not need politics to be played and no bashing of government. We need solutions to help create a better quality of life.

  Where I and most people see it differently is that I do not believe shutting down everything is the solution. I agree to close down the island for two weeks.

  But you cannot keep a country locked down for too long. Reason: it is man’s nature to be free and the human needs food and water.

  So, the approach to take is safety first but then close after economics has to be in harmony with it.

  What happens after 2 weeks is gone, most of those jobs and more will be eliminated. The economic factor is no cash flow, more uncertainty and then desperation.

  How I see it, we must come up with a balancing program of safety and economics. It is better we have a slower economy than nothing at all.

  After two weeks we can think about opening high schools and leave all elementary schools closed.

  Any child with flu-like symptoms stays home, we still maintain the safety and hygienic measures.

  I am trusting after two weeks we should by then have some kind of testing facility at the airport and harbor. If not, we have to expedite these measures so the economy can start to produce.

  We know we do not have resources like the United States and China, but we have to make our own expertise function.

  We presently are living with many people infected with AIDS and herpes, and people with the flu. Life did not end, the island did not shut down.

  We have to continue to live and survive to be smarter at it. But I guarantee you shut down 2 more weeks after the first two weeks will create panic and chaos.

  People will be inspired and have hope once they see the end of the tunnel have light. Money can be less and some uncomforted they can live with. But complete lockdown is not possible.

  All people of St. Maarten and government, let’s come up with solutions to make safety work with economics. That is the way out.

  Surely we need our Lord and Savior Jesus, let’s pray to him to give us the wisdom to find a solution to this crisis and pandemic. Patience is a virtue, but time is running out.

  Choices have consequences, choose wisely. In God we trust.


The Patriot Miguel Arrindell